New podcasts with Baljit Nagra & Anver Emon discussing their latest books

November 22, 2022

We recently published two new podcasts on the Reading Muslims project website. Both podcasts are hosted by Reading Muslims co-principal investigator, Youcef Soufi.

In the first one, Baljit Nagra, Associate Professor at OttawaU’s Department of Criminology, discusses her book Securitized Citizens: Canadian Muslims Experiences of Race Relations and Identity Formation Post 9/11.

Dr. Nagra discusses the findings of her research with educated second-generation Muslims in Toronto and Vancouver. Nagra analyzes Canadian Muslims’ exclusion from citizenship post 9/11. She details her interviewees experiences with racism, the state’s border authorities, and security agencies. Nagra reveals the different forms of resistance that young Muslim women and men have adopted in response to anti-Muslim racism and their calls to see the promises of multiculturalism become a reality.

In the second recently published podcast, Anver Emon discusses his latest book Jurisdictional Exceptionalism, co-written with Urfan Khaliq.

The 1980 Hague Abduction Convention was intended to create international consensus over how to handle cases in which one parent absconded with their child over an international border, effectively leaving the other parent without clear legal recourse. Dr. Emon sheds light on the historical ideas and assumptions that have made it difficult for the Hague Convention to gain acceptance among Muslim majority countries. On the one hand, Emon explains the Euro-centric elements of the Hague Convention. On the other, he traces historical Islamic legal norms around jurisdiction, which he terms “cadastral jihad”, to highlight its intimate links to notions of empire.