About the Institute of Islamic Studies



We believe that by centering the study of Islam and Muslims, we can reveal transformative insights about society.



We exist to transform the study of Islam and Muslims into an enriching, panoramic view of human society and the world we inhabit.



To produce academic research on Islam and Muslims that elevates our understanding of society and the world.

Our Institutional Pillars


Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies is a field of research that spans various disciplines, which makes it a valuable way to examine the complex challenges facing societies past, present and future



Embedded in Toronto, the IIS benefits from the city’s global magnetism, while engaging with the region’s culturally diverse population to fully explore the breadth of Islamic Studies



The resources, talent, and academic rigour of one of the world’s top educational institutions make the IIS’ research a significant positive contributor to the University’s civic and societal duties

What We Do

Our research produces enriching perspectives about Islam and Muslims across four broad areas:


Research that questions, expands, and diversifies the production of knowledge on Islam and Muslims.


Research that critically looks at global governance, regulation, and policies through the Muslim experience.


Research that integrates the lived experience of Canada’s diverse Muslims to support democracy and inclusion.


Research and programming that weaves Islamic and Muslim modes of cultural production as part of our shared, rich tapestry.

Our Brand Story

IIS logo IIS logo IIS logo IIS logo IIS logo IIS logo


Both global and local, arches draw on iconic architectural features in Muslim lands, the gateways that mark entry points into universities, and the Islamic learning circles (halqas).


Intersections represent Toronto as a global hub, the intersectional diversity of Muslims around the world, and the multi-disciplinary study of Islam and Muslims.


Fragments reflects a global archive of Islam and Muslims that spans time and space and across peoples, cultures, and social environments.

Focal Point

A commitment to how centering the study of Islam and Muslims offers an important vantage point on human societies.


The outline of an eye, representing the perspective that all readers and producers of knowledge bring to the study of Islam and Muslims.

Institute of Islamic Studies