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October 2, 2023

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) is pleased to be a part of the Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA) newsletter and social media launch! MiCA is a project currently hosted at the Institute of Islamic Studies. Throughout Islamic History Month, MiCA and the IIS will be sharing stories from the archive representing the everyday realities and experiences of Muslims and Muslim communities in Canada. Follow along as we reflect on the past, present, and future of Muslims in Canada.

The Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA) is a participatory archive that is uniquely designed to document and share the history, lives, and experiences of Muslim communities.

Over the last little while, MiCA has been quietly working to collect and organize records that hold great value to our understanding of Muslims in Canada. Beginning in Ontario, MiCA has since expanded to Newfoundland & Labrador and Quebec – with the aim of creating a network of archives across the entire country.

This Islamic History Month, we invite you to explore MiCA’s rich and growing archival collection tracing Muslim life across Canada. The records offer details and insights into the everyday experiences of Muslim life, removed from a singular identity or problematic media representation. Together, we’ll consider history, geography, and community through the lens of ‘things’ and the stories they tell.

As we peer into this new window documenting the lives of Muslims in Canada, we hope to demonstrate the value of a collaborative and professional national Muslim archive. We hope our efforts also contribute to enriching Canadian heritage, while building capacity amongst Canada’s memory institutions to capture and reflect Canada’s historical and present diversity.

We’re taking this opportunity to launch MiCA’s social platforms, including a newsletter, so we can share all our exciting updates this month and beyond! Follow along as we reflect on the past, present, and future of Muslims in Canada!

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Images courtesy of Khursheed “Khui” Chinwala fonds, Katherine Bullock fonds, and Naseer (Irfan) Syed fonds.