The Stories in Archives

Part 2 of the series: “Muslims in Canada Archives: The Power of Your Stories, Through Your Stuff”

In the second part of our series “Muslims in Canada Archives: The Power of Your Stories, Through Your Stuff,” Moska Rokay (Project Lead, Muslims in Canada Archives) and Hassam Munir (MA student in History, University of Toronto) , will discuss examples of how archival material helps us better understand the rich history of Muslims in Canada and future possibilities and uses of the Muslims in Canada Archives (MiCA) for the public

The panel will share and discuss:

  • Eye-opening stories from the rich histories of Muslims in Canada
  • How archival materials help historians weave narratives
  • What MiCA offers Muslims communities as a way to collect, preserve, and share their rich histories
  • Future opportunities and value of MiCA

Please join us in exploring the rich worlds of archives and stories.

Hassam Munir is currently pursuing an MA in History at the University of Toronto. He has a broad range of research interests, including reconstructing the history of Muslim communities in Canada, and making that knowledge publicly accessible through digital history projects. He is the Public Relations Manager and a research fellow at the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. He previously worked with the Ontario Historical Society. In 2017, he completed a 120-hour archival research project at the Archives of Ontario, the results of which he presented at the “Active Archives: Bringing Ontario’s Historian Online” symposium. He was recognized by Heritage Toronto as an Emerging Historian in 2017. He also has experience in the fields of journalism and non-profit public relations.

View the recorded session here: