IIS Occasional Paper Series: Canadian Muslim Health Exceptionalism

December 16, 2020

A report was recently published by the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS), led by Dr. Sarah Shah, on the status of health data and research on Canadian Muslims.

The paper titled “Canadian Muslim Health Exceptionalism—Community Consultation” is available to the public here: https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/handle/1807/102879

This report follows a recent scoping review on Canadian Muslim health. The purpose of this report is to (1) identify and summarize existing research, (2) share information about current scholarship; (3) identify gaps in existing knowledge; (4) provide recommendations for future research, policy, and practice; and, most importantly, to (5) consult with community partners and organizations, public policy officials, and researchers to bridge gaps in health care and research.

Previously, in the report “Canadian Muslims: Demographics, Discrimination, Religiosity, and Voting” Dr. Sarah Shah looked at the demographic make-up of Canadian Muslims.

Building on the critical gaps identified in the demographic report, “Canadian Muslim Health Exceptionalism” is yet another indicator of the broader, recurring issues with data collection and data-based understanding on Canadian Muslims. As shown in this report, the issue surrounding data has significant implications for research, policy, and communities.

This is an area that the IIS is keenly focused on and will be sharing plans to address the systemic issues with data collection and understanding of the Muslim Canadian population.

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