New issue of Islam in the City: Homecoming

August 22, 2022

About the Issue & Theme(s):

This fifth issue of Islam in the City offered an outlet for reflections on a return after a period of change and instability. Through a theme of “homecoming”, how can one imagine a readjustment of their emotional routines? And how can the impact of the pause to normalcy be reconciled with the repetitiveness that makes each of us uniquely human? Most importantly, how does this return tie into the personal expressions of Islam in ones’ life and in the city? This issue explores this moment in time through various deeply personal reflections. From a story of finding self-love and spirituality in five parts to a commuter’s perspective on the pandemic and safety on the TTC, these stories, poems, and photographs give us a glimpse into the personal experiences of a city so united yet so solitary in its expression.

About the Design:

This magazine was designed by the talented Tahreem Alvi, a designer and content creator based in Toronto. Her personal design work explores storytelling and personal narratives with themes of diaspora, body, and religion—always hoping to touch others in the midst of understanding herself.

The inspiration behind the design of Homecoming lies in the fractured nature of the recent past and its impact on our recollection of these events. Through these moments, we aim to piece together a foundation of resilience through which we can move forward with strength and defiance of the world that awaits us. The colours of the magazine balance the somber yet exciting nature of our current moment as we prepare for the next chapter of our individual lives, and of Islam in the City.