Prof Emon Testimony at Senate of Canada

July 12, 2022

On June 20th, 2022, Professor Anver Emon (Director, Institute of Islamic Studies) gave testimony to the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights on the topic if Islamophobia in Canada (link contains meeting minutes, transcript, and video).

Professor Emon’s statement (click to read the full statement) shows how Islamophobia takes shape in the Federal Government’s bureaucratic workings across three examples.

Examining how and where prejudicial and biased policies inform Government mechanisms is one of the core research areas that the Institute works on. Next year, we anticipate launching a book on the different sites of systemic Islamophobia.

Below is a clip from the meeting in which Prof Emon comments on online hate speech, Bill C-36, and Islamophobic policies.

The Institute is thankful to the Senate for inviting Professor Emon and looks forward to continuing to provide the research and analysis that create a more democratic Canada that serves all equally and fairl