Muslims in Canada Data Initiative (MiCDI)

Brief Description

MiCDI develops large-scale data sets and produces data-informed studies to improve the visibility of Muslims across Canada. MiCDI is led by a team of experienced sociologists and quantitative specialists from across Canada's research universities.


The Issue

Data sets that represent Canada's diverse populations generally do not represent Muslims, and are not useful for uncovering key issues facing Muslim communities.

The Project Objective

Develop large-scale, representative data sets on Canada’s diverse Muslim populations to more accurately identify key issues Muslim communities face in Canada. A higher resolution understanding of Canada's Muslims communities enables more effective discussions about the policies and decisions that affect Muslims in Canada.

Project Leads

  • Anver Emon
  • Sarah Shah
  • Abdie Kazemipur


MiCDI is currently developing a 1000 Muslim-household survey for its inaugural Study of Muslims in Canada (SMiC). The survey will be collecting responses in mid-2023.