Re-examine your world through the complex study of Islam and Muslims

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) at the University of Toronto develops research projects that fill critical gaps in society’s understanding of Islam and Muslims.

By centering Islam and Muslims, the IIS offers a critical viewpoint from which we can better understand our world.

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Statement on Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson’s update

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) centers the study of Islam and Muslims to better understand our society, including the scope (and breaches) of Canada’s democratic promises. The IIS’ 2021 report, “Under Layered Suspicion”, shed light on the scope and limits of Canadian democracy in relation to Canada’s civil society and the charitable sector. The report […]

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Job Opportunity: Digital Network Officer

The Institute of Islamic Studies is hiring a Digital Network Officer to support the growing needs of its projects. Below is a copy of the job posting, but we encourage you to visit the original posting for all complete and latest details. Digital Network Officer Date Posted: 11/28/2022Req ID: 28685Faculty/Division: Faculty of Arts & ScienceDepartment: Institute of Islamic StudiesCampus: St. […]

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New MiCDI project & job opportunity for ‘Theorizing Islamophobia’

The Muslims in Canada Data Initiative (MiCDI) is pleased to announce a new research project funded by the Peel Social Lab: Theorizing Islamophobia. The new project also has a job posting for a Research Assistantship (more details below). Announcement: Theorizing Islamophobia Job Opportunity: Graduate Research Assistantship (50 hours) New Project – “Theorizing Islamophobia” – To […]

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New podcasts with Baljit Nagra & Anver Emon discussing their latest books

We recently published two new podcasts on the Reading Muslims project website. Both podcasts are hosted by Reading Muslims co-principal investigator, Youcef Soufi. In the first one, Baljit Nagra, Associate Professor at OttawaU’s Department of Criminology, discusses her book Securitized Citizens: Canadian Muslims Experiences of Race Relations and Identity Formation Post 9/11. Dr. Nagra discusses […]

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Research Engagements

Our research produces enriching perspectives about Islam and Muslims across four broad areas:


Research that questions, expands, and diversifies the production of knowledge on Islam and Muslims.


Research that critically looks at global governance, regulation, and policies through the Muslim experience.


Research that integrates the lived experience of Canada’s diverse Muslims to support democracy and inclusion.


Research and programming that weaves Islamic and Muslim modes of cultural production as part of our shared, rich tapestry.