Re-examine your world through the complex study of Islam and Muslims

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) at the University of Toronto develops research projects that improve society’s understanding of Islam and Muslims.

By centering Islam and Muslims, the IIS offers a critical viewpoint from which we can better understand our world.

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Book Presentation: Malissa Taylor, Land and Legal Texts in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: Harmonization, Property Rights and Sovereignty (2023)

Location: Zoom | Time: 2 pm to 4 pm | Date: Thursday, March 7th Land and Legal Texts in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: Harmonization, Property Rights and Sovereignty (2023) delves into the evolution of Ottoman land law, tracing its development from the sixteenth century to the 1858 Land Code. Through an analysis of legal […]

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IIS to host dialogue between CRA & Muslim-led charity sector

The Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto invites the Muslim-led charitable sector to participate in a dialogue with the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency to address concerns and deepen understanding.  Session 1: PlenaryThursday, February 29, 2024 (evening) – 6pm to 9:30pm Session 2: Sub-Sector Discussions (limited capacity):Friday, March 1, 2023 […]

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6th Session – Workshop Series: Exploring Islamic Law in Imperial Contexts

Location: Zoom | Time: 2 pm to 4 pm | Date: Wednesday, March 6th The Winter 2024 schedule is as follows: March 6th, 2:00 PM: Discussion of Malissa Taylor’s book March 7th, 2:00 PM: Presentation by Malissa Taylor April 4th, 2:00 PM May 16th, 2:00 PM Welcome to our monthly workshop on Islamic law and […]

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‘Systemic Islamophobia in Canada: A Research Agenda’ Named the Top 100 Best Books of 2023.

Systemic Islamophobia in Canada: A Research Agenda, edited by Anver M. Emon and published by the University of Toronto Press, has been named among the top 100 best books of 2023. This insightful 296-page book delves into the intricate and pressing issue of systemic Islamophobia in Canada. To explore the content of this new book, […]

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$50,000 pledged to support the future of the Muslims in Canada Archives!

We extend our gratitude to Canadian Muslim leader Hussein A. Hamdani for contributing a sizeable gift to MiCA. Hamdani’s vital support for MiCA reflects his long-standing interest in capturing the history of a marginalized community. Establishing an archive to preserve the rich history and legacies of Muslims in Canada requires resources. We welcome these generous […]

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Ontario Superior Court Findings Echo IIS Report ‘Under Layered Suspicion’

On September 13, 2023, the Ontario Superior Court ruled against intervening in Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) audit of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC)*. MAC raised a Charter challenge against the CRA on the grounds of violating religious freedom and non-discrimination. Muslim communities in Canada have long (but quietly) been concerned about CRA’s audit practices. […]

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Community Engagement Policy

As we pursue innovative research projects collaboratively with others, we recognize these as important and timely engagements in which all parties to the project share a specific commitment consistent with the principles and priorities of all parties involved. The IIS does not expect community partners to alter their varied priorities and policies to align with those of the IIS or the University of Toronto, nor will the IIS alter its core mission and purpose.

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Research Engagements

Our research produces enriching perspectives about Islam and Muslims across four broad areas:


Research that questions, expands, and diversifies the production of knowledge on Islam and Muslims.


Research that critically looks at global governance, regulation, and policies through the Muslim experience.


Research that integrates the lived experience of Canada’s diverse Muslims to support democracy and inclusion.


Research and programming that weaves Islamic and Muslim modes of cultural production as part of our shared, rich tapestry.