Re-examine your world through the complex study of Islam and Muslims

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) at the University of Toronto develops research projects that fill critical gaps in society’s understanding of Islam and Muslims.

By centering Islam and Muslims, the IIS offers a critical viewpoint from which we can better understand our world.

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Call for Applications: Post-Doc Fellow, Systemic Islamophobia

The Systemic Islamophobia Research Lab (SIRL) Fellowship The Systemic Islamophobia Research Lab (SIRL) – at the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS), University of Toronto – supports the best and brightest minds committed to examining institutionally entrenched modes of Islamophobia. This call for applications is for candidates committed to interdisciplinary research on Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) […]

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Community Engagement Policy

As we pursue innovative research projects collaboratively with others, we recognize these as important and timely engagements in which all parties to the project share a specific commitment consistent with the principles and priorities of all parties involved. The IIS does not expect community partners to alter their varied priorities and policies to align with those of the IIS or the University of Toronto, nor will the IIS alter its core mission and purpose.

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Research Engagements

Our research produces enriching perspectives about Islam and Muslims across four broad areas:


Research that questions, expands, and diversifies the production of knowledge on Islam and Muslims.


Research that critically looks at global governance, regulation, and policies through the Muslim experience.


Research that integrates the lived experience of Canada’s diverse Muslims to support democracy and inclusion.


Research and programming that weaves Islamic and Muslim modes of cultural production as part of our shared, rich tapestry.