Re-examine your world through the complex study of Islam and Muslims

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) at the University of Toronto develops research projects that fill critical gaps in society’s understanding of Islam and Muslims.

By centering Islam and Muslims, the IIS offers a critical viewpoint from which we can better understand our world.

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Sana Patel appearance on The Scope (British Muslim TV)

Postdoctoral Fellow Sana Patel was recently featured on The Scope (BritishMuslimTV) alongside Leila Bdeir to discuss Islamophobia in Canada. Sana explained that Canada has a long history of Islamophobia which includes American influence. She also described the ways in which online spaces allow Islamophobia to prevail due to their unregulated characteristics. You can view the full episode at: […]

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Does Diversity Discourse Matter in the Integration of Muslim Minorities?

We’re excited to share with you a new article from the Reading Muslims project. This entry – written by Jeffrey G. Reitz and co-authors Patrick Simon and Emily Laxer – outlines the findings from a comparative study on Canada’s and France’s effectiveness in integrating their Muslim minorities. The study questioned the narrative of Canada’s presumed […]

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Islamic Studies: Past, Present, and Futures Workshop – Winter 2023

Dear members of the Islamic Studies community at UofT, It is our pleasure to announce the Winter 2023 Semester schedule for the Islamic Studies Past, Present, and Futures Workshop. All sessions will meet on Tuesdays at noon Eastern in a hybrid format: in-person at the IIS offices (fifth floor, Jackman Humanities Building) or on Zoom. […]

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IAMCC 2023 Speaker Series: Art and Activism in Contemporary Global Landscapes

The Islamic Art & Material Culture Collaborative (IAMCC) is pleased to announce the launch of the second iteration of its online conversation series. This new series entitled Art and Activism in Contemporary Global Landscapes will consist of 4 monthly sessions held on Zoom on Saturdays from January to May at 11 a.m. EST. Our 2023 series aims to highlight […]

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Statement on Taxpayers’ Ombudsperson’s update

The Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) centers the study of Islam and Muslims to better understand our society, including the scope (and breaches) of Canada’s democratic promises. The IIS’ 2021 report, “Under Layered Suspicion”, shed light on the scope and limits of Canadian democracy in relation to Canada’s civil society and the charitable sector. The report […]

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Research Engagements

Our research produces enriching perspectives about Islam and Muslims across four broad areas:


Research that questions, expands, and diversifies the production of knowledge on Islam and Muslims.


Research that critically looks at global governance, regulation, and policies through the Muslim experience.


Research that integrates the lived experience of Canada’s diverse Muslims to support democracy and inclusion.


Research and programming that weaves Islamic and Muslim modes of cultural production as part of our shared, rich tapestry.